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Angiomas are vivid red or purple benign skin growths made up of small blood vessels. There are many different types of angiomas; spider angiomas may form during childhood or pregnancy; cherry angiomas are often associated with the aging process. While these are benign lesions, they can easily be treated with a variety of procedures.

Our cutting-edge laser technology can remove angiomas efficiently and quickly. The abnormal blood vessels that create the blemish are heated so that they coagulate and are destroyed, leaving your body to reabsorb these vessels. This process is non-ablative, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. There is little pain involved, and no recovery time is needed after a session. If you desire, you can apply makeup to the area to hide the angioma as you return to your daily activities.

You may see angiomas disappear after treatment, or they will turn darker and fade over 2-4 weeks. Most patients achieve full results after two sessions, but some people experience results even sooner.

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