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Laser Services

Lutronic Genius RF Microneedling

The Lutronic Genuis treatment provides lasting results with intelligent radio frequency technology that delivers thermal energy through microneedles into the skin. The goal is to stimulate collagen production, achieving youthful skin without the downtime of surgery.


The Genius uses unique technology to help protect the top layers of the skin while providing real-time feedback during the procedure. This allows for treatment on all skin types and colors, including tanned skin. Unlike some other procedures, the Genius helps stimulate your own body into action. Therefore, results may last for years.  

Lutronic Ultra Resurfacing

The Lutronic Ultra is a low-downtime laser that resurfaces the skin, giving it a brighter tone and improved texture. Treatments can be anywhere on the body and customized for your particular needs. Ultra can be used to treat mild to moderate age spots, freckles, sun spots, pigmented lesions, sun damage and actinic keratosis. It can be used on all skin types. 

Enlighten Tattoo Removal

We use the Cutera Enlighten™ system that offers the most precision and versatility in tattoo removal treatments. This dual-frequency picosecond and nanosecond laser breaks up tattoo pigments faster and in fewer sessions than with other treatments. The lightning fast picosecond pulses cause less pain than other treatments. Dual frequencies allow us to match the wavelengths to different pigments to treat all of the most common tattoo colors. Because of a shorter pulse time and less energy use, there is no destruction of the surrounding tissue. This treatment is effective on most skin tones.

After each session, your body will gradually break down and remove the pigment, leaving you with natural looking, more uniform skin. While some patients see immediate results, most patients will need a series of 3-6 treatments spaced around 6 weeks apart.

Hair Removal

Excel HR™ offers safe, comfortable, and thorough laser hair removal using a high-powered dual frequency system. Designed for use with all skin types, the excel HR™ offers technologically advanced, superior hair removal technology. Whether the offending hair is fine or coarse, it can be treated with precise pulses of green light that targets hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue. This system can be used on any part of the body, including the face, underarms, legs, chest, and back.

Sapphire contact cooling technology provides continuous cooling to maximize safety and comfort. Most patients do not require numbing cream for even the most sensitive areas. There is no recovery time, so you can return to your day immediately after a session. Most patients will see a permanent reduction in hair growth after 3-8 sessions, although each person is different. We will work with you to create an ideal treatment plan to reach your hair removal goals.

Leg Veins

Treatment is offered for both varicose and spider veins. These abnormal veins are caused by venous reflux, which occurs when blood backflows, pooling and creating swelling and weakening. Spider and varicose veins may occur due to heredity, pregnancy, changes in hormones, weight gain, or from engaging in activities that require long periods of standing.

Treatment is done with sclerotherapy or with lasers. In some cases, both techniques may be used to achieve the best results. Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a chemical solution into an abnormal vein, collapsing the vein to be absorbed by the body. Laser treatments utilize a small, handheld laser device that administers laser energy directly to the damaged vein to destroy it.

Facial Veins

Facial veins can appear in many different forms, from branching red spider veins to enlarged green or blue veins near the temples, chin or jaw or the dark circles under your eyes that give the constant impression that you are tired.

We provide non-invasive laser vein therapy to close or destroy abnormal veins, so your body can reroute blood through healthier veins. Using laser vein therapy such as excel V, precise wavelengths of laser energy will improve skin appearance without damaging the surrounding tissue. This advanced technology can treat a full range of facial vascular issues, including blues and purples that most other laser treatments can’t affect.

Laser therapy will give you a clear, even complexion and can even out pigmentation irregularities. You will look younger, healthier, and more alert with this treatment option.

IPL Laser

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a light based treatment that breaks up pigmentation such as freckles, acne scars, melasma, liver spots, moles, broken capillaries and other such areas of hyperpigmentation on the face or body.​ The bright beam energy that comes from the IPL machine break up dark pigmentation and cauterizes red vessels, as a result the discolored area gently reduces in color, essentially erasing stubborn and unwanted red and brown spots.

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