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As a client of Defyne Med Spa & Weight Loss, your visit will include a consultation with our medical provider, lab work (optional), body mass index analysis, weight loss medications including Phentermine, Tenuate and Contrave, vitamin supplements, and nutrition and exercise recommendations to help you shed pounds safely and effectively. 

Your weight loss treatment plan is customized based on your health, medical history, and weight loss goals. Our healthcare provider will monitor your progress throughout the program and modify your treatment plan as needed. 

  • Dietary guidance and recommendations

  • Prescription weight loss medications when appropriate

  • Lipotropic injections

  • MIC- B12 – Methionine (DL), Choline Chloride, Inositol, Cyanocobalamin

These injections enhance your body’s natural fat burning abilities to reduce the amount of stored fat, increase your metabolism, increase energy levels and maintain a

healthier liver.

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